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Longi Industries

In year 2000, Mr.S.P.Sharma establishes Longi Industries & applied his idea to grind Longi Mirch & other Masala under Cold process.

Longi industries having been at the him this ongoing traditional scenario himself the Founder & managing Director of LONGI INDUSTRIES Mr. S.P. Sharma came up with all this innovativeness, inventive creativity and sheer wealth of scientifically practical ideas Only to emerge after an untiring effort spanned over constant preoccupation, with something we all over the world know as COLD PROCESS SPICE GRINDING TECHNOLOGY.


 Longi Mirch : Longi Industries, Bikaner is the leading manufacturing unit of "LONGI MIRCH (CHILLI) POWDER", under the brand name "TIGER". We manufacture "ONE OF THE WORLDS HOTTEST CHILLI POWDER". For the first time in India we have introduced the cold processing method in spices grinding industries, from this we manufacture colorless Longi Mirch Powder. Our industry delivers the best quality spice and carry out chilli processing with efficient and empathetic processing with most modern machinery,
GroundSpices :As like Longi mirch our all Tiger Brand Ground Spices are  grinding in cold processing method, Longi Industries gives a Best Ground spices powder in the world.                                                                                                                                                            

Blended Spices :Spice mixes are blended spices or herbs
One of the most important part of Kitchen are Blended Spices,Tiger Brand Blended spices we gives a best Blended spice

OOZE:OOZE Longi Mirch is a World Class product that maintains international standards of quality

Longi Industries  produce Longi Mirch, Ground Spice & Blended Spices with Cold Process The same Process & technology Which Out Comes only quality & nutritious Products for our customer

                                   "ASLI MASALE ASLI SWAD"